Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

Pioneer Trust Bank takes security of our customer’s data very seriously. All customer facing systems in use by Pioneer Trust Bank have been tested for the vulnerability including Personal and Business Online Banking, Credit Cards, Remote Deposit Capture, Merchant Processing, Remote Support, and Secure File Transfer. All of these systems have either already been patched or run on platforms that do not utilize OpenSSL and are not vulnerable to the bug.

Please be aware, however, that this is very widespread issue that is impacting services across the internet and it will take several weeks for most parties to fully patch systems to resolve the issue.

What is the Heartbleed bug?

Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, the open-source encryption standard used by majority of websites that need to transmit the data that users want to keep secure. In effect, it gives you a secure line when you’re sending an email or chatting on IM.

Encryption works by making it so that data being sent looks like nonsense to anyone but the intended recipient.

Occasionally, one computer might want to check that there’s still a computer at the end of its secure connection, and it will send out what’s known as a heartbeat, a small packet of data that asks for a response.

Because of a programming error in the implementation of OpenSSL, the researchers found that it was possible to send a well-disguised packet of data that looked like one of these heartbeats to trick the computer at the other end into sending data stored in its memory.

So what can I do to protect myself?

Since the vulnerability has been in OpenSSL for about two years and using it leaves no trace, assume that your accounts may be compromised. You should change your online passwords, especially for services where privacy and security are major concerns. However, many sites likely haven’t upgraded to a software release without the bug, so immediately changing them might still leave you vulnerable.

The researchers who discovered the flaw let the developers behind OpenSSL know several days before announcing the vulnerability, so it was fixed before word got out yesterday. Most major service providers should already be updating their sites, so the bug will be less prevalent over coming weeks.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know, we are here to help.

Security Notice for Windows XP Users

As you may already know, on April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to Windows XP. After April 8, 2014 there will be a substantial security risk to anyone using this operating system, since security vulnerabilities will no longer be patched and remediated by Microsoft.

Although this will not cause an interruption to any of the services we provide our customers, continued use of a computer utilizing Windows XP could place your devices and the information on them at serious risk. We encourage you to learn more about this upcoming cessation of service by Microsoft and to become informed on what you will need to do to secure your information. To learn more we suggest you visit:

Microsoft Windows XP End of Support

Bill Pay Upgrade – New Functionality

Pioneer Trust Bank has finished our conversion from iPay to CheckFree for Bill Pay Services. The primary motivation for the switch in providers was to provide a more tightly integrated Bill Pay experience for our Online and Mobile Banking users.

There are a few browser bugs that Checkfree is rolling out fixes for this week. However, the product is now live for both Online Banking and Mobile Banking. While we understand that nobody likes to deal with the disruption that change causes, we hope we have minimized the pain points and are able to provide a more robust set of online services to you, our customers.


You will notice when you sign into Online Banking or Mobile Banking that you are presented with some additional options.

In Online Banking, you will now be presented with a new Bill Pay/Pop Money widget. You will notice that this widget has a tab at the top that allows you to choose between Pay Bills and Pop Money.

Pay Bills – Online Banking

This allows for quick payments to any existing payees that you already have set up. Simply choose the payee from the Bill drop down list, select the date you want to make the payment, type the payment amount, and click Make Payment. If you need to set up new payees or perform more complex transactions, you can click the Advanced Payment Options link and walk through the tutorials. You can also find more details about payment history, delete payees, etc.

Checkfree Annoucement12

 Pop Money – Online Banking

Pop Money allows you to send payments directly to friends and family via the ACH network. This is a very similar product to what you see on the BofA and Chase commercials on TV.  Large clients utilizing the Pop Money product are Citibank, US Bank, PNC Bank, and Ally Bank. Currently there are roughly 1400 banks utilizing the product and it interoperates with major players on clearXchange the other large payment network.

Sending money through Pop Money is very easy and typically much cheaper than Paypal. You can add contacts or if you are on your mobile device, you can allow the application to access your contacts on your phone and use that contact information (email or cell number) for delivery of payment.

Checkfree Annoucement14

Once a contact is set up, you type in the amount you want to send, a personalized message and the click Send Money.

Checkfree Annoucement13

Once a contact has been set up, you will get an email notification from Pop Money letting you know that one has been set up for your account to the email address you are utilizing for online banking. This acts as a verification mechanism for you and as a first tier for fraud notification.

Checkfree Annoucement4

If you would like more detail about transactions, managing contacts, etc., click on the Advanced Payment Options. Again, you will be taken to a page were you can manage all Pop Money related items, including Activity, Managing Contacts, etc.

Pay Bills & Pop Money – Mobile Banking

The biggest benefit to to you as a customer is tight integration into Mobile Banking. The most requested items by users has been for Mobile Banking to integrate with Bill Pay and Remote Deposit capability. This migration has addressed the first of those request items. We expect to have Mobile Remote Deposit available later this year.

Bill Pay is now available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) as well as Android. The product is fully integrated back into online banking and pulls from the same list of payees for Bill Pay and the same list of contacts for Pop Money. The product is incredibly easy to use through mobile devices and unless one needs to add new payees for Bill Payment, or needs to pull a Bank Statement with images, there is no need to sign into Online Banking.

If you haven’t already, you must sign into Online Banking and accept the updated terms and conditions before this functionality will work properly on your Mobile Device.

We are only showing screen captures from the iPhone. Android and the iPad look very similar to this and use the same mechanisms.

You will now notice a new button in Mobile Banking labelled Payments. From here you can choose to Pay Bills or Pay Other People. Simply choose the option you want and walk through the steps.

Checkfree Annoucement 5

When you choose to Pay Bills you will be presented with the following screen. If you choose Make a Payment, you will be taken to a screen to select a Biller and input payment information (amount/date) before submitting the payment.

Checkfree Annoucement 6

When you choose Pay Other People you are presented with the following Options. To Do’s are notifications and action items around incoming payments. Send Money allows you to send money to other people, while Activity shows any Pop Money activity on your account.

Checkfree Annoucement 7

When you choose Send Money, you are given the ability to select contacts from your pre-defined lists or you can add a New Contact or add a Contact from your Mobile Device. You will also see a list of your existing Pop Money contacts. You also choose from whatever account(s) you have linked to Pop Money, type in the amount, send a personalized message.

Checkfree Annoucement 8

As we indicated in the Billpay letter to existing customers, this service is not free. The fees assessed with the transfer are tiered depending on the dollar amount sent. All fees are clearly indicated before you submit the transaction and you must click to accept the fee in order for the transaction to process.

Checkfree Annoucement 9

In this case, I am sending $20 to Cody via email. I could also have sent payment via text.

Checkfree Annoucement 11

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know. We hope the deeper integration into Mobile Banking and Online Banking services is of value.

If you should have any questions, please contact one of our Online Banking representatives at 503-480-1929 or you can call our dedicated Bill Pay & Pop Money Support number at (855) 744-4740.

We value our relationship and hope these changes continue to demonstrate our commitment to you, our customers.



Bill Pay Upgrade – Coming Soon

Thank you for banking with Pioneer Trust Bank!  We wanted to take a moment and let you know of a change coming in our Online Bill Payment solution. On February 26th, we will be converting to a new Bill Payment provider, CheckFree. This conversion is being performed to provide tighter integration into Online Banking and to provide Bill Pay access into Mobile Banking.

Your current bill payment payees will convert over to the new system, as long as they have a billing address. If they do not have a billing address, the payees will need to be re-entered into the new system after conversion. If you are currently using the Account to Account Transfers, those will not convert to the new system. After conversion you will need to re-enter those accounts into the system.

There will continue to be no charge to you for using the Bill Pay and the Account to Account Transfer service. The fees for Same Day Bill Pay Check and Overnight Check remain the same, at $9.95 and $14.95.

In addition, we are excited to announce a new service called PopMoney, which will be offered as part of the conversion. PopMoney is a consumer product which allows you to send and receive money by text, email, and web.

There are fees associated with PopMoney, these are outlined below.

Send Money:

Process Time         Transaction Amount                     Fee
Send Money:
Three Day                    $5.00 – $249.99                                   $.50
Next Day                      $5.00 – $249.99                                   $1.00
Three Day                    $250.00 – $999.99                              $1.00
Next Day                      $250.00 – $999.99                              $1.50
Three Day                    $1,000.00 & Above                              $1.50
Next Day                      $1,000.00 & Above                              $2.00

Request Money:
Three Day                     $5.00 – $249.99                                  $.50
Three Day                     $250.00 – $999.99                             $1.00
Three Day                     $1,000.00 & Above                             $1.50

Stop Payment:             Any                                                         $20.00

Maintenance Window

Bill Pay will be unavailable beginning at 2:30pm on February 25th and will be back online February 27th. All payments scheduled for those days will process as usual.

We understand change can be confusing and want to make this transition as smooth as possible.  You will find a tutorial video on Bill Pay under Training Videos, which is located in the Resources Menu Item on our website.  If you should have any questions, please contact one of our Online Banking representatives at 503-480-1929.

We value our relationship and hope these changes continue to demonstrate our commitment to you, our customers.

Early Closure – Weather

Due to inclement weather in the Willamette Valley both the Main Office and Medical Center Branch will be closing at 2:00PM.

We anticipate a return to normal hours of operation on Monday. Should conditions worsen over the weekend, we will provide further updates on the site.

We apologize for the inconvenience as a result of these closures.