Card Skimming Fraud Alert

There have been several recent news reports of ATM and gas station card skimmers found in the Salem area.

Skimming is a crime in which the victim’s card information is accessed or breached while they are completing a legitimate transaction such as withdrawing money from an ATM or making a purchase at a gas station or store. Thieves then use this information to make unauthorized withdrawals and purchases from the victim’s account.

There are many ways you can protect yourself from card skimming. In the following we answer some frequently asked questions about card skimmers, as well as provide you tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

What is a “skimmer”?

A skimmer is a small electric card reader designed to fit over an ATM or gas pump terminal card reader slot. Once your card is inserted or swiped, the skimmer reads the magnetic stripe on your card and captures the information for the thieves. A small camera is also usually hidden near the skimmer to capture your PIN as you enter it, or they may tamper with the PIN pad.

How is my card information used?

Thieves create counterfeit or “cloned” cards with the information obtained. These cards are then used at ATMs to withdraw cash or at stores to make purchases from your account.

What does a skimmer look like?

Skimming devices come in many forms and can be hard to detect. Many are designed to blend in with the features of the ATM. Signs to watch for include:

  • Card readers and key pads that look out of place or don’t fit securely;
  • Tape or adhesive residue near or around the outside of the card reader and PIN pad.
  • Scratches on the ATM façade near the card reader or PIN pad.

What should I do if I think there’s a card skimmer?

Don’t attempt to remove it; the thieves may be in the vicinity and monitoring the skimmer. If the ATM is at a bank which is open, go inside and report it to bank staff. If it’s after hours or at a remote site, go to a safe and secure location and call the police to report it.

What can I do to protect myself from skimmer thieves?

  • Use ATMs at locations you know. Pay attention to what the card reader and PIN pad normally look like.
  • Do a quick inspection before inserting your card into any reader.
  • Always cover the keypad when entering your PIN.
  • Pay attention to your accounts. Immediately report any unauthorized ATM withdrawals or purchases to our Bankcard Dept. or the number on the back of your card.
  • Trust your instinct. Report any peculiarities such as card or PIN reader errors you encounter while attempting to use your card.
  • When in doubt, don’t use the ATM.

What does Pioneer Trust Bank do to protect me?

We employ a number of tools to monitor your transactions for fraud and protect your identity. You have the added protection of Visa’s Zero Liability® for fraudulent or unauthorized transactions.

For More Information

Please contact our Bankcard Department at (888) 444-3497

Personal Online Banking Updates

We have extended some functionality in our Personal Online Banking product with updates to our Bill Payment platform and adding some additional visibility into your spending habits.

The Bill Payment Platform went through a thorough overhaul of the back-end systems making the platform more responsive. In addition, Bill Pay menus were simplified, resulting in an easier to use interface and support for modern browsers and HTML5/CSS 3.0 standards. Internet Explorer 8 support has been removed from the product.

In addition we have added a Spending Report widget on your landing page within Personal Online Banking. The system looks at your transaction stream over the last 7 days to create a spending report based upon the categorization of transactions on your accounts.


We have pre-loaded the system with a large number of local businesses. However, if you see a business getting marked as uncategorized, please drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to get it added for you.

More than anything, we’re here to help. If you ever need assistance with these services, please contact our Online Banking Support via email or at (503) 480-1929 for assistance.

Scam Alert

There are many different types of scams going on in the Willamette Valley. IRS Scams, Jury Duty Scams, Advance Fee Scams, Lottery Scams, the list goes on and on.

If someone gives you a check for more than the purchase price of something you are selling and wants funds returned, the check is most likely counterfeit. If someone asks you for cash and gives you a check for payment for more than you have given them and tells you to keep the difference, the check is most likely a counterfeit. You will take a loss.

If you receive an email or letter saying you have won the lottery and must send money to pay the fees, you are being scammed.

If someone calls you claiming to be from a government agency and says there is a warrant for your arrest because you didn’t pay your taxes or didn’t attend jury duty and demands you to pay a fee by a prepaid card, (Green Dot Card) you are being scammed.

Please take the time to consult us so we can help you determine if a transaction is legit. Never allow anyone to threaten you and pressure you into sending them money or giving out your account information.

Lastly, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Online Education Center & Money IQ

We’ve invested in an Online Education Center that provides highly informative video tutorials covering a wide range of business and personal products and services offered by Pioneer Trust Bank.

In addition we’ve built MoneyIQ which provides highly informative video tutorials on a range of helpful topics like Phishing and Smishing, Understanding Your Credit Score, and the latest information on topics like Identity Theft Protection and measures you can take to safeguard yourself and your business.

Both the Online Education Center and MoneyIQ are available 24/7 to help provide easy access to information on your schedule.

More than anything, we’re here to help. If you ever need assistance with these services, please contact our Online Banking Support at (503) 480-1929 for assistance.

Security Notice for Windows XP Users

As you may already know, on April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to Windows XP. After April 8, 2014 there will be a substantial security risk to anyone using this operating system, since security vulnerabilities will no longer be patched and remediated by Microsoft.

Although this will not cause an interruption to any of the services we provide our customers, continued use of a computer utilizing Windows XP could place your devices and the information on them at serious risk. We encourage you to learn more about this upcoming cessation of service by Microsoft and to become informed on what you will need to do to secure your information. To learn more we suggest you visit:

Microsoft Windows XP End of Support