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Depositing checks made easy with our secure online services. Simply scan your checks from your office with a specially designed scanner for business accounts, and we'll credit the funds to your account.
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Frequently Asked Questions

RDC is an exciting and powerful business tool that allows a Pioneer Trust Bank client to make check deposits without leaving the comfort of their office. It can provide increased access to funds and can enhance internal controls and better protect businesses from fraudulent activity.

  • Convenience – no more deposit slips to complete, eliminate those trips to the bank to make a deposit. With RDC, it is like having your own personal teller at your place of business.
  • Simplicity – RDC is easy to use.  With RDC you can image all types of checks, including cashier’s checks, money orders and business checks.
  • Improved cash flow – Increase funds availability.
  • Enhances efficiency – Businesses enjoy reduced workload for processing transactions since manual deposits are a thing of the past. Research is easier, thanks to the storage of digital images.  Productivity is improved because trips to the bank to make a deposit are unnecessary.
  • Reduced fraud – Returned items can be identified and represented sooner.  Checks are scanned into a secure website, giving you peace of mind.
  • Scanner (We provide as long as you use RDC with Pioneer Trust Bank)
  • A broadband internet connection through your PC. No need to purchase and maintain software.
  • Identify staff for training and assign permission levels
  • Using RDC is easy and convenient.  Once your scanner is installed and your staff is trained, you are ready to start processing checks.
  • Your customers send checks in the mail, or pay in person or via a drop box.
  • Log onto the secure RDC website.
  • Scan the checks using your scanner.
  • The bank receives the remote deposit and processes the checks via image exchange; the deposit is automatically posted to your account.
  • You shred customer checks after 60 days.
  • Scanner – Bank provides as long as you use RDC with Pioneer Trust Bank
  • One time set up charge: $250
  • Monthly service charge fee: $50 plus $.05 per item fee

For additional information regarding Merchant Remote Deposit Capture or to enroll, please call our RDC Support line at 503.480.1930.

Online Education Center

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For additional information regarding Personal Online Banking, please refer to Pioneer Trust Bank’s Terms & Conditions