Security & Privacy

We take pride in providing you the utmost confidence in all your Privacy and Security needs.

General Security

While anyone can fall prey to fraud and identity theft, many ways exist to minimize your risk. Pioneer Trust Bank provides security tips so you can guard against fraud and identity theft.

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Identity Theft

Identity theft happens when your personal information, typically your Social Security number (SSN), is stolen and used to commit fraud or theft. The thief can use this information to rent apartments, buy cell phones, drain your bank account or obtain loans and credit cards.

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During the regular course of banking business, it is often necessary for Pioneer Trust Bank customers to provide us with personal information. While this information is necessary to comply with banking regulations, it also helps us better understand and meet your specific needs.

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All Internet users should be aware of online scams known as “phishing” (pronounced “fishing”). Phishing involves the use of e-mail messages that appear to come from your bank or another trusted business, but are actually from an imposter.

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