What Is A Trust?

A trust is simply a legal agreement in which a trustee, such as Pioneer Trust Bank, holds and manages assets for a beneficiary, someone like yourself or another person designated by you.

Establishing a trust can help you effectively grow assets, save taxes, protect and manage property, and much more. Our trust professionals will also help you in the areas of trust administration and estate planning.

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What Are the Benefits of a Trust?

A trust allows you to prepare for many of the uncertainties in life and to put in place a plan for how you want your personal financial matters to be handled.

A trust can manage your finances and living expenses while you are enjoying your retirement or, if needed, in the event of a serious illness. With a trust your beneficiaries can receive your assets at your death and avoid probate, or a trust can extend beyond your lifetime, providing a source of income for your spouse, child or others you may designate.

A trust can help provide for many things, one of the most important being peace of mind.

How Do I Know If a Trust Is Right for Me?

Ultimately, that’s a question only you can answer. You should start by discussing your financial goals with a Trust Officer at Pioneer Trust Bank and with your attorney.

Can the Officers at Pioneer Trust Bank Assist in Designing a Trust to Fit My Individual Needs?

At Pioneer Trust Bank we have an entire department dedicated to managing your personal situation. Our Trust Officers are skilled at listening and helping you define the issues unique to your circumstances. Your Trust Officer can then coordinate a plan of action with you and your legal and other professional advisors to build a plan that achieves your specific needs and goals.

Are There Different Types of Trust Accounts?

In general, there are four major classifications of trusts:

  • Living Trust - A living trust is created and operated during your lifetime and is commonly used for the management of your assets.
  • Testamentary Trust - A testamentary trust is established under the terms of the will of an individual and is not effective until the person dies.
  • Revocable Trust - A revocable trust can be changed, altered or terminated at any time in accordance with the desires of the Trustor (you).
  • Irrevocable Trust - An irrevocable trust is an unchangeable trust that is frequently used by those making gifts, often to specified causes or organizations.

What Other Trust or Investment Services Are Offered by Pioneer Trust Bank?

In addition to offering living, revocable, irrevocable and testamentary trusts, Pioneer Trust Bank offers a variety of other services including:

  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Conservatorships
  • Estate Management
  • Custodial & Agency Accounts
  • Powers Of Attorney
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Securities Safekeeping Services

Why Pioneer Trust Bank?

We are Salem’s only locally owned national bank. We have been fulfilling the trust needs of the Salem community for nearly 90 years. Our Trust Department staff collectively represents 350 years of Trust service experience. In addition to financial strength and broad investment capabilities, we know how to take care of all of your trust and investment details.

At Pioneer Trust Bank We Offer:

  • Unsurpassed trust administration from our Trust Officers
  • Skill, reliability and objectivity from professional asset managers
  • Complete privacy of your Trust Account
  • Ready availability of our Trust Officers and personnel when questions arise
  • Decisions made locally by Trust Officers who live and work in your community
  • Highly personalized service and sensitivity to your individual needs

How Do I Contact Someone at Pioneer Trust Bank to Get More Information About Trust Accounts?

You have several options. You can call us at (888) 960-3136, you can email us by clicking on any of the questions buttons on the website, or you can stop by to see us during regular business hours. We’ll be glad to discuss the benefits of a trust with you anytime.



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